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Expert Guidance

Founders come to us at various stages of their financial journey. Some have no financial plan and come to us when they are overwhelmed with their newfound wealth. Some are experiencing multifaceted equity, debt, tax, etc. challenges and need help developing solutions to sustain and grow their wealth. 

No matter where you are in your wealth journey, we can help you assess your liquid assets, develop debt payoff plans, minimize tax liability, establish estate and legacy strategies, optimize investments, and more! 

We can also help you develop a plan to optimize your personal income from your entrepreneurial revenues. 

Clients We Have Helped Include:

  • Tech Startup Founders

  • Medical Founders and Executives

  • Attorneys

  • Insurance Brokers

  • Real Estate Brokers

Contact us today to start a conversation! 


Generational Wealth Guidance

We want to collaborate with you to establish sound financial management strategies that will create wealth preservation in your family for generations to come. Whether you're a single parent or a traditional family, we are ready to help you begin creating generational wealth. 

Some of our clients come to us not knowing how much money they will need to fund their retirement, set aside for their children's college education, set aside for emergencies, and more. Some clients need help understanding their options for the best vehicles where they can place their assets and income to appreciate in value and earn interest and minimize tax liability.

If you're ready to begin developing your financial plan to establish your family's generational wealth, contact us today!


Financial Solutions for Underserved Minority Women who are High Earners

We believe that women prefer to have that personal touch with a financial professional. 

You do not get a personal touch from web-based financial resources and larger financial companies like you will at Xaris Financial Enterprises. Self-help financial tools and information on the Internet are one-size-fits-all and are not customized for your specific needs. Plus, no one is available to you to answer your questions. At Xaris Financial Enterprises, someone is always available to answer your questions.

We believe that representation matters. Minority women high earners have various challenges and complex situations that are best understood by a financial professional who is also a minority woman high earner. 

We do not try to sell you anything up front. We desire to get to know you and learn about your lifestyle and your needs. We also want you to get to know us and get a solid understanding of what we do and how we can help you. We want to make sure we are the best fit for you. Our main priority is to build trust. 

Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation, initial session. 

Download a copy of our white paper, The Importance of Representation in Financial Services for Underserved Women of Color High Earners.


Financial & Business Subject Matter Experts 

Is your organization in need of specific online/virtual or onsite curriculum, courses, or programs? 


We understand that you need to create programs with measurable results while supporting your organizational objectives. The initial development of these services is critical, and we can help.


We can be your one-stop shop because we can also provide you with instructor or facilitator services to teach the courses or programs we develop for you. We can conduct financial and business research and write financial and business content. 

*Our educational services include:

  • Curriculum/Course/Program Development (new or revisions)

  • Instructor or Facilitator Services

  • Research Services

  • Writing Services

  • Venture Capital/Private Equity Consulting

  • Fintech Consulting

  • Business Funding and Planning Consulting

Note: Business Funding and Planning Consulting includes us helping founders assess and determine what their current financial needs are, and we help founders develop financial projections to forecast how their company will perform in the future and what their needs will be in the future. 

*We specialize in financial and business topics.

*Services can be provided for various formats such as eLearning, online, virtual, Learning Management Systems (LMS), or in-person/onsite. 

*We can also revise curriculum, courses, and programs that already exist but need to be updated or enhanced. 


​Depending on your needs, the process can vary. Common steps to serving your organization include:

  • Understanding & Planning – Each organization has unique objectives that require a customized solution. We will conduct an initial consultation to uncover your long-term goals and identify your immediate needs.

  • Guidance & Assistance– Once an agreement is in place, we will work with your organization and dedicated staff to support you and work towards your organization’s goals.

  • Maintenance & Support – Once we help your organization achieve its  goals, we will continue to support needs as they arise and assist with any needed revisions or changes.

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